Time to Masa

Adjusting is not my thing.

There’s nothing about change that my mind or body appreciates. Some part of me believed that this adjustment, the biggest one of my life, the one where I move to Israel for five months, would be different.

It wasn’t.

There was a big, “What am I doing here” moment walking out of the airport in Tel Aviv one week ago and it was terrifying. That pit in your stomach, ball in your throat, can’t call your mom feeling was very present and it felt like it would last for forever.

But it didn’t. It’s gone and I’m well aware that there will be other feelings, different adjustments, and some moments of uncertainty, but for now, I am happy.

Florentin is home. 32 Washington is my Vineyard. And for the next 5 months I’ll be sweating and swimming, dining and wining, playing and dancing, exploring and wanderlusting with some of the coolest people I’ve met to date.

From the mouth of an agitated but compassionate sheet vendor on the streets of Israel,

“If you go to sleep happy, it’s the best way in the world.”


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