The Sounds Around

You know things are happening when I haven’t written a blog post in years and suddenly have all the feels to write two in one day.

This one is pouring out.

Music has always been an important part of my life. Like everyone else, I slip away from the sounds outside when I plug my ear buds in and pretend that there really is a soundtrack to my life. The difference in Israel is that all the sounds put together to make the melodies that I hear have been completely unplugged.

On the first night of Rosh Hashanah my friend Rotem picked me up from my apartment to take me and a friend back to her parents house to celebrate the Jewish New Year. It was so genuinely lovely. Her 93 year old grandma would burst out in songs from Fiddler on the Roof, in Hebrew and Yiddish, throughout the three course meal, and her curious, questioning soul made me miss the women in my life who I’ve lost, too much. Her mom and dad took us in as their own, poured us wine, wondered how we felt about Obama, asked us questions, and fed our bellies with food I can’t wait to screw up in the kitchen while trying to replicate.

Rotem has been a gem to me this past week and really throughout our four year WhatsApp friendship after meeting on birthright in 2012. She squeezed me right when I needed to be loved during that wretched homesickness phase, and has sent me pictures of maps on how to get places and texts making sure I’ve made friends (which I have, the pictures are coming ya’ll).

Tonight there was no beautifully sung rendition of “To Life” or “Sunrise, Sunset.”

Instead it was a sick Israeli DJ playing at a pop up radio bar in my buzzing neighborhood who made us dance and sweat and feel completely in the moment. Before passing bottles of wine to each other on the second floor of the apartment complex hosting this epic music fest, we toured the streets of Tel Aviv and half-listended to a guide explain the rich history and culture of this tiny city. I chimed in when I heard “If you have the destiny to do something, can you break it?” There are words missing, possibly an entire phrase, but the gist of it hit a chord.

When you’re with the right people, moving to the same tunes, thinking the same thoughts and feeling exactly as you should, why even think of breaking it.



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