Days Like These

Some of you are comparing the constant violence in Chicago to the terror surrounding Israel, and I see your point, and to a degree, I agree. But it feels so different. When I walk around Chicago during the day, on any given Thursday, the thought of getting hurt doesn’t cross my mind. Today, this Thursday, around 4:00PM, I was walking around Tel Aviv, my home, and flinched every time I heard a car speed up or locked eyes with someone who didn’t look like me.

Unfortunately it’s something I have to get used to now and may be something I bring back to the states with me until the feelings of uncertainty subside. The reality of what’s happening is that I wake up with notifications on my phone of yet another attack, and I go about my day.

Today was great, and it feels horribly guilty to say that. So many people in this tiny country I’m living in are having the worst day of their lives because of the notifications I received on my phone. But I can’t let that keep me inside, keep me from taking the bus, standing in line for a club, or shopping at my usual vegetable stands. I can’t, and I won’t, and today showed me that I can walk around with that mentality, and survive.


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