Because I’m Happy

You probably read my posts and think, “She has no idea how lucky she is…”

There have been a lot of times throughout the years when I do think, yeah, things are good, but somethings missing; usually, most of the time, that something feels like it should be a boy.

Right now, it feels like everything is there.

After weeks of planning and days of wondering if I was crazy, I said be seeing you, got on a plane, and left my whole life in Chicago. To a lot of people, this move looks like a pause from reality, some time to mess around, live in a foreign country, and work towards figuring out what I think I want to be when I grow up; and they are right.

But the bigger reason why I picked up and left everything was because I had (probably always will have) a lot of things to figure out. Some I’m just starting to delve into, some I won’t even get to before I leave.

It’s the normal issues we all have, that most of us have, and never talk about; so they feel like these big secrets until you open your month to the right person about them and see that you really aren’t alone. This awakening began before I fled North America, and it has continued in the most positive way since landing in the Middle East.

My blogging mind isn’t ready to share all that I’m learning about myself, all that’s changing and growing and forming, but I will tell you that this 23rd year of my life has been the most freeing, refreshing, and vulnerable couple hundred days.

I’m thinking some of you have experienced this stage in your life as well, and if you haven’t, know that it’s coming. Static and stuck in your ways is not how things have to play out. Find your person, or if you’re like me, your people, and start talking.

How much more could you squeeze out of life if you weren’t so afraid to show all the weird, ugly, confusing, quirky, not so #flawless sides of who you are?

I’ll tell you, for me, it’s more than I thought possible.

I know how lucky I am.


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